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BG 8 Way Dual RCD Fuse


From £350.00 Supplied & Fitted

British General Dual RCD Fuse box in an all metal 17th edition fire rated chasis.

Fuse Box Certification


All Fuse Box Replacements come with a Electrical Completion Certificate & A Part P building control certificate. Basicly a safety certificate for the property.

What Fuse Box does MPS Recommend


We always recommend the RCBO Fuse Box, why ?. Because if one circuit trips off it remains on one trip device only as opposed to the dual rcd fuse box where 4 or 5 would be isolated until the fault on the offending circuit is located and rectified.

Wylex 10 way Dual RCD Fuse Box

From £379.00 Supplied & Fitted

Wylex Dual RCD Fuse Box. They dont come much nicer than Wylex.

Fuse Box Warranty


All Fuse Box Replacements come with a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty. We fit quality fuse boxes and not cheaper models which we found issues with over time.

How Do I Know If I Need A Replacement Fuse Box?


All Houses now need to have RCD protection which comes with modern Fuse Boxes, the Fuse Box also needs to be metalic and fire rated unless in a non combustable enclosure, give us a call and we can advise you but generally if your current fuse box looks like the one below you will know.

The MK/Wylex/RCBO Fuse Box

From £450.00 Supplied & Fitted

These are the creme de la creme of Fuse Boxes, RCBO’S are individual Circuit breaker and RCD combined devices.

Testing of Installations


We Inspect & Test all your property electrics whilst conducting the Fuse Box replacement to ensure safety as standard and the certificates we issue you have all the test results of the installed cabling recorded on the certificates..

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Fuse Box


The whole process can take up to a day, fitting the fuse box can take anything from 2 to 3 hours and then a further 2 hours on site going around all the circuits and testing the installation which is mandatory so the certificates can be filled out correctly. Every fuse box I replace always comes with the certificate, i see so many customers that never received a certificate for the process.

About Us and why we are Replacement Fuse Box Specialists in Leeds.


When it comes to a replacement fuse box in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, York or Harrogate it is a one off costly purchase and needs to be done correctly. I say done correctly because there is a strict process which electricians have to abide by in the replacement fuse box procedure, take a look at my list how we go about the process.


  • We ensure there is enough room around the fuse to replace it with the chosen type
  • We ensure the house wiring is of a certifiable standard and does not a complete rewire
  • We check the incoming supply size of the electric board cables and upgrade the size from 10mm / 16mm to 25mm along with an upgraded main earth cable to 16mm.
  • We test all of your existing house circuits and record the results on the electrical certificate.
  • We leave enough spare ways in the fuse box which is 20% spare so you can add further circuits later if required, in fact i always leave you at least 4 because you can use 2 in no time.


We have been replacing fuse boxes in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, York & Harrogate for over 24 years now, We install quality decent branded units because we have seen cheaper imported units cause issues, trust me you do not want a electric issue inyour fuse box due to inferior quality components as this can cause an electrical fire, you pay for what you get not only in a branded fuse box with branded devices but the experience of the electrician fitting it who knows the regulations and is a time served electricians like us.

What Is The Difference Between A Dual RCD Fuse Box and a RCBO Fuse Box in Leeds ?


The picture to the left is the dual RCD Fuse Box, the picture to the right is the RCBO Fuse Box.


Loads, worlds apart, hence why i recommend a RCBO Fuse Box.


  • RCBO’S are individual RCDS and circuit breakers combined in one.
  • Yes they cost more but they are better because if a fault occurs on the RCBO fuse box only one RCBO trips as opposed to a bank of 4 or 5 circuit breakers turning off like what happens on the dual rcd board.
  • Each RCBO has 30ma of rated trip current available to it and not sharing 30ma of trip current over a bank of 4 or 5 circuits (older appliances have more earth leakage) so can cause the board on the left to trip more than the board on the right.
  • Down side is naturally the RCBO board costs more to buy, but you pay for what you get in this world it is as simple as that.
  • End of the day we give the advice but the choice of board is up to you it is your house and you are the customer.


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We cover all of Yorkshire replacing fuse boxes each day every day week in week out, see my areas list i replace fuse boxes in below.


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